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About us

As a child I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Wyoming and Colorado riding whichever ranch horse I could stay on.  Today, I live in California, and I am blessed to be able to truly learn to ride on my retired Grand Prix horse, May One. I ride with a wonderful group of ladies who cheer each other over each successful fence and are always there to pick each other up when we crash, in the arena or life.

Several years ago I began collecting antique crosses and vintage equestrian medals and coins and incorporating them into jewelry.  There is no better way to display these beautiful pieces of art than to be able to wear them!  Many of the crosses I use are Authentic Coptic Crosses from the 1700's and are becoming extremely hard to find.  The equestrian pieces are from past horse shows, breeder's medals or commemorative coins. 

Unless noted all of my  jewelry is designed with genuine gemstones, swarovski crystals, and sterling silver.  Each piece is one of a kind and any imperfection is endearing to me and hopefully to the wearer!





Photograph by Ineke de Lange